Orthodox Life at the University of Chicago

OU-JLIC provides a variety of learning opportunities and social events for Orthodox students on campus.

Yavneh, The Orthodox Community at the University of Chicago

Yavneh at the University of Chicago is the Orthodox student group on campus. Yavneh a community of close friendships and sincere intellectualism, and is welcoming to members of varying levels of observance and all political stripes. Yavneh runs the daily minyanim, maintains a kosher kitchen and provides seudah shelishit on Shabbat. Learn more about Yavneh: www.ucyavneh.com


Through quarterly Mega Shabbat dinners on campus, Birthright trips to Israel, or other programs, Hillel encourages students to make their unique contributions and invites them to embrace their Jewish identities. Jewish students are involved in almost every Registered Student Organization on campus.

Learn more on theĀ Hillel Website


The Shabbat environment at University of Chicago is warm and welcoming. Friday night, there is minayn and a free dinner at both Hillel and Chabad. Students host onegs in their apartments once or twice a month. On Shabbat day, students daven at Hillel, followed by kiddush and free lunch also provided by Hillel. The OU-JLIC educators also host small groups of students for Shabbat meals. Most Shabbat afternoons students socialize at Hillel where they learn Torah and play games.


All dining halls serve fresh kosher food as part of the regular campus meal plan, under the supervision of the CRC. In addition, Hillel and OU-JLIC often provide food from various kosher caterers. Students prepare additional food for Shabbat and special events in the Hillel kitchen, which is kept kosher by Yavneh students. There are several nearby stores with many kosher packaged goods.

HOUSING AT The University of Chicago

Students in their first year are required to live in university housing. Most second year students choose to do so as well, but some find their own apartments as do about half of upperclassmen. There are groups of Orthodox Jews living in pretty much all the on-campus housing options, with the largest group living in the North campus housing. University housing is very accommodating when it comes to Orthodox students including providing Shabbat access to dorm rooms.