Rabbi David and Rivka are excited to be the first OU-JLIC at University of Chicago couple, as of the Summer of 2016! Along with their children Maayan, Daniel, and Elad they cant wait for their home to be a warm and open house where students are always welcome for a meal, a deep conversation or just to hang around.

Rabbi David Wietchner grew up in a small urban community in Zur-Yig’al, Israel. After graduating high school in Raanana and then proceeded to the Har Bracha Yeshiva in Samaria. During his ten years in Yeshiva, Rabbi David had the privilege of working closely under the supervision of the yeshiva’s president Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, assisting in the writing of several volumes of the famous Halachic books series Pniney Halacha. Rabbi David received his semicha from Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Rabbi David has a strong passion towards matters regarding Jewish philosophy and view – reading, asking, arguing and eventually teaching about them within Yeshiva. To further enhance the scope of his inquires, David turned to general philosophy studies which led him towards getting a BA in humanities from the Open University of Israel as well as an MA in philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Rabbi David served as an IDF officer, serving as an army rabbi (chaplain) in the IDF reserve service on the Israeli northern front, providing him with invaluable experience in both logistical and social aspects of serving a diverse, dynamic and purposeful Jewish community.

David’s past and present hobbies includes brown belt in Karate, chess and serious board games (e.g. Catan), reading, listening to classic and contemporary music, hiking and camping.

Rivka Wietchner grew up in Har Bracha, a settlement in Samaria serving as the home for the Yeshiva with the same name. As the daughter of the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yaakov Haviv, Rivka has been immersed since childhood in deep and meaningful Jewish experiences, practices and teachings. The first of nine siblings, Rivka knew all about managing a house before she ever considered getting married. A devoted idealist, she always took part of any positive activity in her vicinity, including being the director of the local youth movement branch.

Rivka always showed great passion for the fine arts and skill in painting, so it was not surprising that after graduating high school, she turned to movie-making studies at the University of Ariel. Upon graduation, Rivka developed an ever-growing appreciation regarding the concept of art and questions of what is the difference between a pleasant piece of work and a true work of art. Rivka then went on to receive an MA  in the Policy and Theory of Art in the distinguished Bezalel academy in Jerusalem. Rivka’s hobbies include hiking and camping, reading, watching (and critiquing) movies, cooking and of course painting.